All you want to know about Facial Masks

All you want to know about Facial Masks

When we talk about skin care, we’re talking about a wide variety of choices and options to choose from. Every skin care product comes worth their own peculiarities or negative and positive effects. The truth is while some give the best results, they can be extremely comfortable and uneasy to apply and use. Different chemicals, components, and substances are used in the production of these products. And just a little number of them exist without harmful consequences.

Why use?

Facial masks, however, proffer instant solutions to skin problems but the absolute advantage is that is suits all skin types. One single use of a facial mask offers a kind of the treatment that can take months with the creams. For its short use of about 15 to 20 minutes, there is a noticeable change in facial appearance, the freshness of facial skin, a reduction in the number of facial blemishes. The facial skin becomes revitalized, feels more comfortable and is more hydrated. The magic in achieving this first and foremost is to choose the ones that are natural and are very quick to give favorable results. Organic products are advised because they have no effects in the long run.

One important thing to note, however, is that although there are different kinds of facial masks if you’re using a specific product, you should only use it for an average of 2 times a week. If you’re a fan of testing different products though, you are at liberty to use it more often.

How to use?

Irrespective of the kind of facial mask you choose, before its application, you must wash your face with clean water; failure to do that makes you trap in the dirt, makeup leftovers, and germs thereby force them to go deeper inside the skin. It also in a way prevents the active components in the facial mark to take action. In addition, depending on the instruction on the package, you can either leave your skin wet or dry, there’s no universal rule to it. Although leaving a facial mask on for longer than required can leave the skin with some not-so-favorable after effects, it has been a proven theory in some situations that if you leave an agent for longer than required, it will do better and effectively.

Another important thing worth mentioning is that when applying some kinds of facial masks especially the ‘peel-off’ kind, you should avoid your brows as there could be a permanent loss of hair when ripping it off.

Bonus Tip

Did you know that if you have different facial immunities, you can apply kinds of masks to the affected areas at the same time? Hydrating masks work for dry skins and renews the oil glands in your skin. For oily skins, use exfoliating masks as the minerals contained in it leaves your skin tender and reduces the oil. Sulfur and salicylic acid gets rid of acne and opens up pores. Licorice works effectively for discoloration; fruit enzymes work like magic in brightening dull skins. Glycerin is the number one agent against dry skins as long as they’re in high concentration. All these can be applied to the different patches of the affected areas at the same time.