How to Moisturize the Skin in the Right Way?

How to Moisturize the Skin in the Right Way?

Flawless skin doesn’t just happen. It doesn’t occur by chance. How we moisturize our skin is just as important as the product itself. How we apply the cream, how much, and when we moisturize our skin can make a big difference on your skin! One of the most important components in your beauty routine is a moisturizer. Unfortunately, most women barely give it the needed attention. They just cleanse, use toner, and moisturize it in the morning and repeat these steps at night. Is that right? Oh! What makes it wrong? Like your normal makeup, getting it right with your moisturizer lies in its application. Hence, your moisturizing techniques should be given the equal attention as the product itself. 

So how can you master the art of moisturizer application? Take note of these tips to maximize your art of moisturizing. In addition, this would ensure that your skin is getting the best from the product itself.

In what order should I apply my moisturizer?

Should I apply the serum before or after the moisturizer? And what about the sun protector factor? You’d likely got stumped over these processes more than once, particularly when a new product is introduced to the skincare industry. As a rule, you are expected to apply your skincare products in order of lightest to the heaviest. The toning and cleansing, if they were to be followed, therefore, it should be serum before the moisturizer. Apply ann SPF, particularly the one with a slight tint after your moisturizer.

When should I apply my moisturizer?

A lot of women do apply their moisturizer both morning and night; some would prefer the only morning, but regardless of when it is applied, it must be applied with caution. Applying cautiously your moisturizer can make all the difference in how your skin absorbs the ingredients of your moisturizer. Apply the moisturizer after cleansing. One of the best skins that absorb moisturizer is a damp as it is one such skin to lock in any extra hydration before it evaporates. Similarly, if you use a toner, ensure to spritz your face to have it wet and apply your moisturizer a few minutes after this. For the majority of people who want to up their moisturizing game, make sure to carry out these processes in a steamy, hot bathroom immediately post-shower.

What is the best way to apply moisturizer to the face?

This is the phase where the actual moisturizing begins. The amount of product to be applied is important as it must not be too much or too less. Your skin will help you to understand it is enough. You will see it by absorption of the product. Make sure that you aren’t putting the product outwards from the middle of your face as it can lead to the build-up of excess oil around your hairline. Also, ensure that the product is evenly dabbed and blend it equally. Avoid rubbing the product too harshly into the face; most experts recommend following a ‘tap and dab’ approach. By softly patting your face, the circulation would be stimulated. 

In conclusion, irrespective of how your moisturizer is applied, ensure to take care of your neck too. This is because the décolletage and neck are the first two areas to show some signs. Hence, once it is damaged, it becomes almost impossible to repair it.  If and when it is done properly, moisturizing would give your skin its youthful look and add glamour to your appearance.