Why do we have puffy eyes and dark circles and what is the best way to eliminate it?

Why do we have puffy eyes and dark circles and what is the best way to eliminate it?

Puffy eyes

Puffy and swollen eyes are mainly caused by inflammation and fluid retention in the thin skin surrounding the eye area (Edema). In addition, it is important to mention the weakening of collagen production in the skin immediately next to the eye. Having less collagen in the skin makes the skin soggier, allowing puffiness around the eye area to occur.

There are also different medical reasons such as:

  1. Unbalanced diet with an excided salt consumption that effect fluid retention.
  2. allergies
  3. stress
  4. lack of sleep
  5. eye infection
  6. injury
  7. genetics

and more…

Now you know why do we have puffy eyes and dark circles, but what is the best way to eliminate it?

Several remedies are available to treat this issue, such as having a balanced diet and a good night sleep. However, if that proves to not be enough, there is a cosmetic solution as well.


As mentioned earlier, the puffiness around the eye area is caused by inflammation and fluid retention. In order to reduce the inflammation, it is most important to increase blood circulation to the skin area around the eye, and absorb the fluids into the blood stream.

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Orogold Cosmetics 24K gold eye serum has not only 24K Gold infused in to the eye serum, but also palmitoyl oligopeptide – an essential component in cells collagen production which strengthens and tightens the skin surrounding the eye. It also includes Vitamin C, an excellent antioxidant.

Dark Circles

Dark circles in the eye area are oxygenated blood that flows in the veins surrounding the eye area. It is most apparent in the morning when our eyes tend to be more inflated.

The appearance of dark circles may increase with age. We lose 1.5% of collagen each year, and thus, since our skin is already thinning, the skin around the eye area becomes even thinner and looser.


Applying the right measures of caffeine will shrink the blood vessels in the eye area and by that, eliminate the dark circles. 24K Gold increases blood circulation and reduces the inflammation.

Oro Gold Cosmetics 24K Eye Cream

Our Formula gives your eyes a well-rested look. Our blend of 24K Gold, Caffeine, Vitamin A and Green Tea reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness

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