5 Makeup Tricks Nobody Told You About

5 Makeup Tricks Nobody Told You About

You think that you know everything about perfect makeup?  What about some tricks that you have probably never heard of but always wanted to know? Especially for you, we will lift the curtain from this huge world of beauty and will share 5 makeup tricks you’ve never heard of before.

1. Clean your face before

Cleaning your face means not only wash it and put moisturizer, this is obvious. To get a perfect makeup clean your face before applying your primer (make up base) with micellar cleansing water. Your face will be clean from dust, clogged pores and so on.

2. Remove concealer surplus with your finger

After applying concealer on your eyes, wait a little bit and remove the excess with your finger, then you can apply some loose powder. It will make your eyelids smoother and will avoid creases.

3. Use some powder under your eyes

Pat some loose powder under your eyes before applying eyeshadows. As soon as you finish your eye makeup, swipe the powder and you won’t see running of eye makeup.

4. Use concealer to underline your eyebrows

Apply concealer under your eyebrows to emphasize their shape. You can also apply light colour eyeshadow under and above the eyebrows to get the same effect.

5. Smooth your lips

While you are doing eye makeup, apply some smooth balm on your lips. It will help you to apply your lipstick easier and will make it last for a longer period of time.

We hope that you will like these small secrets to improve your makeup. They are so easy to follow, that you can try them even tomorrow! Don’t refuse to be beautiful.

If you have your secrets, don’t hesitate to share them with us!