Your Hair Extension Buying Guide

Your Hair Extension Buying Guide

Are you tired of having short, thin hair? Do you want to try fashionable, chic hairstyles but your current length does not allow you to? High-quality hair extensions could be the answer you were looking for all along, to finally enjoy the perfect hair length and volume, and here’s how you can make the ideal purchase in this department.

Natural Human Hair vs. Synthetic Hair

The first thing to analyze is whether you should go for natural hair or the synthetic alternative. Although the latter option will be much more affordable. If you are aspiring to get a perfectly natural look when wearing your extensions, the human hair is a better choice to make. Moreover, human hair will more likely last in a better condition for a longer period. Also, it will be much easier to maneuver when you are trying to style it in various ways. 

Clip-in vs. Flip-in

When it comes to extensions, the choice between natural hair or synthetic is not the only one you will have to make. There are several types of Hair Extensions. The most popular are clip-in and flip-in ones. Flip-in extensions are usually the most preferred ones by women because they come with increased flexibility. You can put them on and take them off whenever you want, and they do not require any great effort, being quite easy to attach. The clip-in is also very flexible and it is almost impossible to tell where they are attached. You might spend a little bit more time for clipping them but you would like the result!  


One of the most difficult steps of buying hair extensions is finding the right color. You probably want them to be a perfect match for your hair, you will need to be very careful in this. Although the market offers a virtually endless variety of colors and tints, getting just the right one is not at all easy. If you are our chasing the extension from a physical store, you can easily put them next to your hair and see how easily they would blend in. However, while purchasing them online, you should be more attentive and careful to find the right color tint that will blend with your hair color.  

If you have always dreamed to have luscious, long hair, but somehow, your hair seems to never grow past a certain length, the feeling can be quite frustrating. Luckily, nowadays, you can do something about that issue. Hair extensions are a popular choice for women who wish to get that Rapunzel-like appearance. However, for you to have fabulous hair, choosing the right extensions is a must, and the short guide mentioned above will help you out with this, so make sure to keep these tips in mind.