Hair Serum: Advantages for Hair

Hair Serum: Advantages for Hair

The hair is jewelry. It’s an accessory, a tool. In the words of Hubert de Givenchy “Hairstyle is the final tip-off whether or not a woman knows herself”. However, the more we style our hair, the more strain and stress it’s exposed to factors that damage our hair.  Regardless of the hair care products that we make use of. The susceptibility of the hair to damage depends on its exposure to cold weather, heat and the chemicals contained in the various hair treatment products. Excessive damage to hair could result in dryness and breakage. A lot of products in the beauty industry today promise smooth, silky and shiny hair. Including hair serum which has been around for a while now.

Hair serum is silicon-based hair care product that coats the surface of the hair. Unlike oils, the serum doesn’t penetrate the hair cuticles hence it doesn’t cause any change to the hair structure. It is one of the reasons why it is highly rated as a hair care product. It works like Vitamin E oil for hair by providing a protective coat to the hair. This coat reflects light giving the hair an overall shiny and healthy appearance. Hair serum conditions the hair without the sticky feeling hair oils usually leave behind.

Like various beauty products, there are several brands of hair serums available. So it’s recommended that you use the product most suitable for your hair type. For the best results, serum is applied to the hair while it’s still wet along the mid-length to the hair tips avoiding the scalp (applying hair serum to the scalp can leave the hair oily and greasy making it difficult to style). Then it is set to dry and can be styled as pleased.

Benefits of Hair Serum

In addition to smooth, shiny and silky hair, there are a number of reasons why hair serums are the ultimate solution to dry and frizzy hair. It is imperative to note that though hair serum enhances the look of the hair. It must be complemented with a balanced diet to maintain healthy hair.

  • Appearance

Hair serum gives the hair a radiant sheen and a healthy lustrous look. Applying hair serum can transform the hair from the dull, coarse and dry look to a glowing and shining appearance. One of the most effective serums is Serum with Vitamin E and Argan Oil which has been around for quite some time now and easily fits into the bracket of both a dry hair and wet hair product.

  • Protection

Serum acts as a protective cover for the hair shielding it from harmful sun rays especially UV rays, dust particles from pollution and heated styling tools. The excessive heat from curling irons, hair straightening tools, and blow dryers can incur permanent damage to the hair. However, the application of hair serum before using any of these machines can help curb the harmful effects to your hair.

  •  Conditioning

It solves the problem of frizzy and dry hair. It also acts as a protective hair mask by softening and removing tangles thus making it easier to comb and manage.

  • Styling

This wet hair product can be used as a styling tool as it also helps untangle the hair making it easier to comb and consequently style.

The hair is more or less the crown of the human body, and if it is well-taken care, we will be just fine.